Aspire International School

Admissions open for Class 1 to Class 9 for 2024-2025 batch

Just education is not enough; children must have sunshine, freedom and playtime. With this perspective, a recreational picnic was arranged for the students of grades 3 to 9 on 1st December, 2023. The venue was Cherry Farm at Ramtek. The picnic was replete with adventures. The adrenaline charged atmosphere ensured students to come out of their comfort zone and face the challenges with zest and conviction. The series of thrilling activities like trekking, wall-climbing, tractor-riding, shooting, archery and building tents helped students explore their innate potential and building confidence. They played cricket. They performed dramas. They danced and sang to their heart’s content. They relished the delicious food at right intervals. Cherry Farms gave an experience of being surrounded by greenery and beauty of nature. Students who had opted for the night stay visited the Sunrise Point at dawn and were stunned with the serenity and pristine beauty of the nature’s most stunning sight –the sunrise. The picnic materialized under the able stewardship of the picnic-coordinator Mr. Amol Shah. The students were thankful to the principal Ms. Rashmi Shendre for such a memorable and fantabulous picnic

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