Aspire International School

Admissions open for Class 1 to Class 9 for 2024-2025 batch

With a view to reinforce heritage education, Aspire International School oraganised the INTACH Heritage Club Installation Ceremony on 21st July 2023. The assembly of Chief Guests comprised of esteemed Dr. Madhura Rathod – Associate Professor at Smt. Manorama Bai Mundle college of Architecture, Dr. Avishkar Rathod – Assistant Professor at VNIT, Nagpur, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and Mr. Atul Kotecha – editor of Vidarbh Ki Baat News Paper. The event was initiated with the lighting of lamp. The dignitaries were then felicitated with gifts. This was ensued by their uplifting speeches. Dr. Avishkar Rathod’s interaction with the students was one of the outstanding features of the occasion. The dignitaries then pinned the badges to the students who vowed to conserve, preserve and safeguard the heritage. A splendid group song and a scintillating solo-dance marked the celebrations. The event culminated with the Principal’s address. The event was a success under the guidance of the in charge Ms. Ramkumari Karnahke. 

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